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20457 Hamburg

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We Think Ahead in shipping.


Historically, our core competence lies in shipping. We know all areas of the industry inside out, and we work with passion and an expertise, second to none, in protecting your interests and helping you shape your business into a success in this unique industry.

Your trusted advisors:

Dharshini Bandara

Barrister / Partner

Dr. Eva Bodenbach

Attorney at Law / Partner

Dr. Markus Eichhorst

Attorney at Law / Partner

Dr. Klaus Kostka

Attorney at Law / Partner

Tobias Nesemann

Attorney at Law / Partner

Dr. Arthur Steinmann

Attorney at Law / Partner

Charterparties/Contracts of Affreightment
Bills of Lading/Seawaybills
Cargo Damage
Collisions/Casualties at Sea/ General Average
Marine Insurance
Shipbuilding and Repair
Sale and Purchase
Management Contracts
Personal Injury
Ship Arrest
Embargoes and Sanctions
Pool Agreements
Terminal and Stevedoring Contracts
Financing and Process Agency

Ready when you are.


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